The Evolution Of Rallying DVD

The Evolution of Rallying
The Evolution of Rallying
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50 Years of Rallying

Five decades of rallying, from the early endurance and regularity tests of well-to-do but slightly bored aristocrats in the mid-fifties, via the first sprints on cordoned-off Scandinavian gravel roads with stars like Tom Trana or Erik Carlsson, to monstrous long distance races and today’s high-tech events in the dust. This movie tells it all over 90 gripping minutes, compiled largely from the archives of Austria’s legendary rally filmmaker, Helmut Deimel. The milestones of this spectacular journey through time are the groundbreaking cars, the great personalities, magnificent places, and the most wonderful moments of the sport. Using special features, Deimel spotlights the dynamism, the magic, the uniqueness of rallying. Interviews with the most important drivers and team bosses add colour and authenticity to the story – from enthusiasts’ intrepid adventures to the merciless sprints of today’s professionals. The script comes from none other than Herbert Völker, the boss of Austria’s Auto Revue Magazine and author of countless books. He has been a rallying specialist and enthusiast since the 1960s. The movie was conceived and directed by Helmut Deimel.  

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